Electrochemical cell

Measuring apparatus


Figure 1 Remote experiment Electrochemical cell schematic arrangement

Electrochemical cell characterization

Remote experiment Electrochemical cell is composed of two halfcels (Figure 1). In the right is the zinc (Zn) electrode in electrolyte with Zn2+ ions, formed by the water solution of zinc nitrate Zn(NO3)2 (with constant concentration c = 0,001 mol dm3). In the left halfcell is the copper (Cu) in electrolyte with s Cu2+ ions, formed by water solution of copper nitrate Cu(NO3)2, which is changed during the experiment (starting concentration is c = 0,001 mol. dm3) by means of the digital burette adding the concentrated solutions (c = 2 mol.dm-3) of copper nitrate. The starting volume may be chosen as: 4 ml, 8 ml a 12 ml. Both halfcells are connected by the membrane that is not penetrable by water, but transparent for ions. In the left halfcell is the ISES conductivity. The ISES voltmeter measures electromotive force of the cell.