Phase in RLC

Experiment information

Type: Remote laboratory
Experiment owner: F. Schauer
Age range: 12-14, 14-16, 16-18, 18+
Language: English, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Bulgarian
Difficulty level: Medium
Interaction level: High
Keywords: Phase in RLC resonant circuits, phase and amplitude characteristics of resistor, capacitor and inductor
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Experiment description: It is the modification of the ENERGY IN RLC experiment, where the phase relations for individual components, i.e. resistor R, inductor L and capacitor C may be studied with respect of the frequency.
Description of the use: Remote experiment may be used both as laboratory experiment and for the project and homework. The individual components of the circuit may be determined via changing the damping. It may be used for the demonstration of the behaviour of passive RLC circuits in all forms of teaching.