Wave Laboratory

Experiment information

Type: Remote laboratory
Experiment owner: F. Schauer, M.Krbecek, M. Gerza
Age range: 12-14, 14-16, 16-18, 18+
Language: English, Czech,
Difficulty level: Medium
Interaction level: High
Keywords: remote wave laboratory, embedded multiparameter simulation, wave phenomena, parameters of waves, interference, superposition
External link: http://remlabnet.eu/?page=exp&id=20
Experiment description: The acoustic wave source generates the planar wave, which is detected by two detectors, one of them is movable by the motor drive in a controlled way, producing the phase shift Δφ of both coherent signals, corresponding to the detectors distance Δx. Both signals are displayed, together with their phase-sensitive interference signal (for parallel, linearly polarized progressive waves) and phase-sensitive superposition Lissajous figures (for perpendicular, linearly polarized progressive waves) with the corresponding data outputs for data processing. (Figure 1). The experiment is accompanied by the embedded simulation of the identic phenomenon with adjustment of several parameters describing the individual waves and their interference or superposition (Figure 2).
Description of the use: The remote experiment “Wave Laboratory” contributes to understanding of concepts of harmonic waves, their parameters (amplitude, frequency and period, and phase velocity) and dependence of the instantaneous phase on time and path covered. Also it serves for the measurements and understanding of the concept of the phase sensitive interference and the superposition of parallel/perpendicular waves.