Characteristic of DC source

Experiment information

Type: Remote laboratory
Experiment owner: M. Krbeček and F. Schauer
Age range: 12-14, 14-16, 16-18, 18+
Language: English, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Bulgarian
Difficulty level: Medium
Interaction level: High
Keywords: DC sources of electromotive force, parameters of DC sources, characterization of DC sources
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Experiment description: The electrochemical sources of electric energy are important components for various appliances. Two basic parameters of any DC electromotive voltage source are important – the electromotive voltage and the internal resistance of the source. To determine those parameters the method of loading characteristics is used, loading the source with variable loading resistors of known value. From the run of both dependences of voltage and current both parameters of the DC source may be determined.
Description of the use: DC sources of energy are omnipotent and very useful devices, whose parameters are often needed for practical exploitation. The RE is useful for both elucidation of the behaviour of the DC source and determining their crucial parameters. RE is useful for both demonstration purposes and for home and project work.