Emission of LEDs

Experiment information

Type: Remote laboratory
Experiment owner: L. Tkáč and F. Schauer
Age range: 12-14, 14-16, 16-18, 18+
Language: English, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Bulgarian
Difficulty level: Medium
Interaction level: High
Keywords: LEDs, material aspects of LEDs, wavelength of the LEDs emission, Plancks´ constant
External link: http://remlabnet.eu/?page=exp&id=8
Experiment description: Electro-luminescence diodes are important semiconductor devices for transforming electric energy into radiation. The wavelength of the emitted radiation is inversely proportional to the energy bandgap of the used semiconducting material and that in turn is reflected in the turn-on voltage of the I(U) characteristics. Thus, knowing the dependence of the wavelength of the emitted radiation on the turn on voltage of the LEDs, we may determine the Plancks´ constant
Description of the use: The experiment may be used in general for the determination of basic properties of electroluminescence diodes and for their wavelengths in particular. The remote experiment is useful as the laboratory experiment and project and homework.