Electrochemical cell

Task assigment

  1. Using the attached simulation find the electromotive force for the arrangement of your Electrochemical cell Cu/Zn experiment and several concentrations of copper nitrate Cu(NO3)2. Is the simulation fulfilling the Nernst equation (8)? (http://www.chem.iastate.edu/group/Greenbowe/sections/projectfolder/flashfiles/electroChem/voltaicCellEMF.html)
  2. Measure the electromotive force E(t) and conductivity σ(t) dependence on the time of the titration of copper nitrate Cu(NO3)2 for its starting volumes of 4, 8 and 12 ml and recalculate both dependences to the copper nitrate Cu(NO3)2 concentration dependencies E(c) and σ(c). Compare the obtained results with the theoretical prediction of the Nernst equation (8).
  3. From the concentration dependence of conductivity σ(c) determine the mobility of the mobile ion (Cu2+) using equation (4).


  1. Write the equation of the chemical reactions, taking part in electrochemical cell in question. Which of them is oxidation and reduction reaction?
  2. Is it necessary to supply energy for chemical reactions to take place in electrochemical cell or they run spontaneously?
  3. How is the conductivity of copper solution in copper halfcell changing during the experiment?
  4. Did the concentration of ions in the copper solution change during experiment? If it did, how?